The kid’s first year of full time school is now half over. It’s been an adjustment – would have been an adjustment without my going back to school I think – but we’re getting there. Of course, my entire schedule changes in January so we’ll be tweaking again. Putting her on the bus is a lot easier now. That first Tuesday, the day after my first all day school day, was one of the hardest days I’ve ever had. I put my kid on the school bus crying and calling out for me. I knew it would be hard. I was a puddle of tears when I got home. But when she got off the bus at the end of the day she was totally fine – as I knew in my head she would be.


Since that first week things have running very smoothly most of the time. She’s had a few sick days, I’ve had a few sick days, but we have a happy kindergartener most of the time. She’s been making friends and having friend drama. She’s been singing songs to us and telling us about the French she’s been learning.

I got the opportunity to volunteer in the classroom one day and finally put names to faces. We had our first meet the teacher night, our first parent-teacher meetings, our first school concert. All the while this little girl gets bigger and smarter and displays more of a personality – though she’s always been a personality.

We knew she would excel in school, her preschool teachers told us they thought she would do well, and now we’ve had her kindergarten teacher confirm it. She’s engaged at school, excited about learning and her teacher even used the word leader at our meeting.

Every year I don’t think I could love her any more or be any more amazed by her, and then she just keeps growing and changing.

As we both start school again on January 5 I know it will be easier. The routine she got used to is changing, but it will only be formatted a little bit differently. My classes will be tougher, but I can deal with that. The kid being happy at school certainly helps.


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