I’m not generally one for doing gift guides, but there are a few things that the kid is getting this year that I think are pretty cool, will be fun to play with a teach her a little something, so I thought I’d share. I’m glad to say that under our tree will be a mix of things the kid has asked for, things she needs and things I’m just hoping she likes.

She made a list
She made a list

The number one gift, the one I’m really excited to see her open, is also the most recently purchased. It’s a toy that Mommy and Gracie featured on their YouTube channel:

1) The Chatster Gabby doll.

The kid watched this video multiple times, and I had an ear on the review and it sounded pretty good. The kid was also quick to point out to me “She’s for five and up mommy!” Gabby is an interactive doll, she asks questions, she plays music and dances, she asked you to do her hair. I’m going to be very interested in how the kid interacts with this doll. Seeing as I had to go to three stores to find a place that wasn’t sold out, so I think these are going to be one of those big things.

2) Oliver Jeffers – Once Upon an Alphabet

There is a chance that I am a bigger fan of Oliver Jeffers than the kid is, but I don’t care. His books are silly and funny and beautiful and I’m really looking forward to this one – a story for each letter.

3) Goldie Blox

I was excited about the idea of Goldie Blox when it was first introduced via a Kickstarter. We got the kid the first of the toys – the Spinning Machine – a couple of months ago and she’s had fun with it, so for Christmas she’s getting the Builder’s Survival Kit from Grandpa and the Zipline Action Figure from Grandma. Yay for science!

4) Learning Resources cash register

We’ve been trying to teach the kid about money for a couple of years now. She gets a small allowance which gets separated into three jars – spend, save and give. But this cash register comes with fake money – Canadian money even – and it will let her play and learn. Math too.

5) Sporting equipment

Our kid is an active kid, which I love and want to encourage. In January she’s started an intro to hockey program – a small investment so we can see what she thinks of the sport. She’s been taking skating lessons for a couple of years, but hockey is all new and that means Grandma and Grandpas were asked to help us make sure she’s well equipped. New hockey bag, new helmet, new sticks, new to us pads.

6) Lalaloopsies

We’ve been fans of Lalaloopsy dolls for a couple of years now and they keep introducing new ideas to the line. Some I haven’t been a huge fan of, but the Lalaloopsy Girls are just a little bit more grown up and offer a little bit of a different way to play. Bea Spells a Lot is my favourite, because she loves to read about all different things and learn, so she’s under our tree. My Gramps is also getting the kid a Lalaloopsy Colour Me doll – a blank slate doll that she can decorate any way she wants, and then wash off and decorate again. Seeing as she’s taken to colouring on her dolls as it is, I’m glad for this one.

7) Blind Boxes

These are stocking stuffers and they’re not just for the kid. I happen to know I’m getting a Doctor Who blind box from my mom, I got some Marvel ones for my sister, and the kid gets Disney and My Little Pony ones. Blind boxes or blind bags are basically little collections or series of toys that you open with different chances of getting different parts of the line. A lot of the YouTube videos the kid likes to watch involve opening these blind boxes.

My blind box Number 10 friends

There are, of course, a few more toys, more books, stocking stuffers, but these are the big ticket items that I’m looking forward to watching her play with.


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