I’m going to be spending part of my holidays relaxing, but I am also intent on getting ready for next semester. The one course that I have been afraid of comes next semester – statistics. And I have it on good authority that my professor is a little intense and writes rough exams. The easier I can make the rest of my courses on myself the better statistics will be.

Because I got my statistics text in the mail and there is a chapter called ‘basic math review’ and I haven’t taken a math class since 1999 and it didn’t seem so basic.

And so I have been gathering my course outlines as I can get them, ordering my textbooks for those classes, marking down due dates in my calendar and trying to think of what I can write about for the essays and other assignments.

I’m very glad to be very interested in the classes I’m taking this year, and to be excited about the professors I have. One of my texts is a book recently published by the prof himself and I probably would have wanted to read it anyway. It also flows nicely from the history class I just finished. Another of the classes I’m taking is about women in politics, so that’s right in my wheelhouse and the three texts (three thankfully reasonably priced books) should be very good reads as well.

And then there’s the one class that just sort of fit in my schedule and requirements and I’m really hoping it will be interesting, and I’m sure it will prove to be, but right now the syllabus is a little intimidating…

I’ve already recycled my last term papers and re-arranged my organizing system for next semester. My highlighters and Post-Its are ready to go.


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