I finished my last exam on Wednesday afternoon…


We had a celebratory dinner and then I feel asleep at 8 pm. Yes, a regular-ish sleep schedule is definitely on my list of things to do now that my first semester back at university is over. These two days I had before the kid finished school were my real days to do whatever I felt like in the moment – which turned out to be watching some documentaries, getting caught up on this season of American Horror Story – why did they make me feel so sorry for the scary scary clown? – knitting, working on a puzzle.


Reading and naps. Oh the naps.

I also made it to the gym for the first time this month, and I’ve been doing more paid work. I also blogged angrily – you can read that here.

Basically it’s been two days of me being awesome. It’s like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but really, really toned down.

Now the kid is done school for a couple of weeks, Joe is home for a couple of weeks (except when he gets to go to the World Juniors… I’ll get over it…) There will be cooking and baking and more going to the gym. We’ll do crafts, we’ll read stories, we’ll play outside.

I am trying to put out of my head the fact that next semester bring the course that I have been dreading taking for my entire degree – the one requirement that I didn’t want to complete, which is why I got a general degree in the first place: Quantitative research methods.


It’s terrible to be so intimidated by it, letting it sneak in to my break time, letting it get the better of me before the class even starts. This course will not beat me. I will do everything I can and use everything at my disposal to make sure this course does not beat me.

For now I will focus on using this break in the best way possible so that I’m ready to go January 5. Bring it on, statistics, bring it.


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