This is me posting because I’m very tired and I don’t want to study any more, I just want this to be over. My first exam is tomorrow morning at 9am and I honestly feel like I know all I’m going to know at this point. I also know that I have managed to get between 60 and 67 on every assignment in this class so far, so I’m assuming that’s just about where I’ll end up.

You’d think that would give me leave to study for the other two exams I have to write, or to work on the take home that’s due in two weeks, but so far I’m just staring at pages. I did a great job of organizing the papers that I should be studying last night. Those are now all nicely in piles with the books I should be reviewing.

I did take time out to play in the snow yesterday, and to join the kid at school this morning as a craft day volunteer.

IMG_1739 IMG_1813

I’m hoping that this mental health time will help when I’m sitting in the field house tomorrow with two thousand other students trying to focus on whatever I can remember about research design.

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