It has been a tough few weeks for watching the news. There has been a lot of bad stuff – really bad stuff – happening all around the world, here in my city.

I’ve also been involved in a conversation about how white people raising children can create change for black people in the future. It’s been hard and eye-opening. There is so much I’m just not aware of. I grew up fairly sheltered, really. I can’t imagine telling my daughter to fear the police, but now I know that there are people in the world who need to be raised that way. I’m being pushed our of my comfort zone.

What’s really starting to both me is that people seem to forget that we’re all human beings. Black people, cis women, Aboriginals, gay people, trans men and women. All of us are human beings.

It is very difficult to try and understand an experience that I can never come close to having never experienced anything like it. It’s overwhelming wanting to help but knowing that you just can’t know.

I feel like a kid all over again, and the kid keeps reminding me that it’s hard to be a child. Except back then everything was good or bad and now the world is full of grey.

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