When it was just me and I was sick it was easier. When there was work it was harder. When I became a mom it got really hard. Now that I’m a mom and working and being a student it’s really, really hard.

When my nose started running on Sunday afternoon I was in denial. I have one more essay to write, an assignment to do, I’ve been getting to the gym again, I have a Christmas party on Sunday. I can’t have this cold right now, but it seems I no longer have a fighting chance.

My throat is sore, my nose only stops running when I’m sneezing. I’m achy and I just want to lie down.

I want to be in class this morning, discussing the different language laws we’ve seen in Quebec, learning about Canada’s environmental movement and discussing interviews vs surveys vs focus groups, but at 12:30 am, when I couldn’t sleep because I kept having to blow my nose I finally waved the white flag.

This sucks and it better be over quickly.

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