Disclosure: Staples Canada provided me with a Chromecast for the purposes of this post. 

I am a movie lover. For a long time settling in with a great movie has been my way to unwind, to stop thinking for a little while and escape into a different world.

There are movies for everything – if you feel like crying, being scared, laughing, being stupid. Everything.

When my daughter was newborn I would take the opportunity to get out of the house every Thursday to go to Stars and Strollers at the local theatre. I saw some movies that I didn’t really want to see, but that was what was playing.

I hoped that this would lead to my daughter loving movies as much as me. In fact, she does like going to the theatre, but mostly because she gets popcorn. She often tells me after the fact that she didn’t like the actual films.

She’s told me… more than once… that she doesn’t like the Muppets.


I mean, why is she trying to hurt me?

The Muppet Family Christmas is the movie that we watch while we decorate our tree. This is a tradition in our family that started before the kid was born and it certainly isn’t going to stop now no matter what she says.

And so I am on the hunt for great movies that we will both love, which is why I’m thrilled to be a part of the Staples Canada Stream Into 2015 campaign. Staples sent me a Google Chromecast and some movie snacks to share. Now I can stream my Netflix to the TV and show my daughter all the movies I think she should love.


This month we will be settling in, watching movies and trying to bring this kid around to my way of thinking. Netflix has some great ones on offer. I can introduce her to Elf, The Grinch and the classic Frosty the Snowman. I’ve never seen Arthur Christmas, but Hugh Laurie’s voice is in it.

The kid announced when we got out first snow last week that this meant it’s almost Christmas and almost her birthday. And that means I need to grow my list of must watch movies for my 4-year-old.

Popcorn at the ready
Popcorn at the ready

We’re all set here, so please leave me comments and tell me about your family classics. In my family White Christmas and Holiday Inn are annual musts, and I love Scrooged, but that might be a little mature for the kid…

If it were just me? The Family Stone is a recent addition to my ‘holiday feelings’ movies, along with Love, Actually and Die Hard. Obviously.

You can see what other people are watching with the #StreamInto2015 hashtag.

What holiday movie were you excited to show your child for the first time?

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