One of the biggest struggles I’m having being 32 and back in school is the people around me. I try not to judge, I try to remember who I was the first time around – even then I was older than most of my classmates.

I have always liked school. I have always strived to be on top of things. I want people to think I’m smart. I want to get good grades.

I am not afraid to talk in class, to ask questions that other people might think are stupid. I’ve talked about that before.

The real struggles are the people with priorities so vastly different from my own. Maybe it’s because I’m given up so much to be here – time with my daughter, time for my business, a balanced budget at home. My house is messy, our meal plan usually falls apart by the end of the week, every weekend my kid is upset because I have to spend some time locked in the office trying to get work done.

But I’m pretty sure that even the last time I would have been angry with people who get their friends to sign them in on the attendance so they can skip class and not lose the 10 per cent participation mark. Confounded by people who sign up for a presentation and then opt not to show up.

There are kids who, even in third and fourth year classes, don’t understand the value of the education they are getting.

I am not here just to pass. I am here to understand and discuss and get better. I have taken the opportunity to be here, and every day I am reminded of what I am missing out on, and that means that while I’m trying hard to not judge the conversations I hear around me, I can’t help but wonder what these kids will think of their university experience 10 years from now.

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