I was thrilled to get an email from Mattel a couple of weeks ago, telling me about their new campaign: Anytime is Game Time. We are a gaming household. Joe and I have played trivia with a team – though we are missing this year’s World Trivia Night, the first time in years (if you’re interested, it’s a great time and funds go to charity). We have hosted game nights in the past, and attended many as well. We are a kickass Trivial Pursuit team.

We have been trying to get our daughter as much into board games as we are. We started young and we’ve been getting new games as she gets older and more interested. Uno has been a big hit, and, since it was one of my favourites when I was a kid, I’m thrilled.

We got a big box of games on our doorstep and last weekend I took some time out to take those games downstairs and declare it game time.

It came with a big button
It came with a big button
Kid loves the big button
Kid loves the big button

We started with a game I had heard about but never played before – Apples to Apples: Big Picture.


This game was good for the kid, she had to try and explain why she chose the pictures she chose to go with the word. It was fun and a bit of an exercise.

But the biggest hit to come out of the box was Bounce Off.


You bounce balls into a game board to try and make patterns. It’s noisy and goofy and I had fun. I know the kid did too because after I went back to working on my essay she played against Daddy and then against her Uncle who came over on Sunday. It’s definitely a hit. Probably because it’s a bit silly.

Getting down on the floor and playing a few games was a great way to get out of my office and spend some time with my kid, laughing. As we enter in to the busiest of seasons it’s something I’ll be doing again and again.

Disclosure: I was sent four games by Mattel to participate in the #GameTimeCAN promotion. 

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