I was just reading this article on LinkedIn about ways to tell your job is a poor fit. My first job out of university is not something I talk about very much, but it was the worst fit I’ve ever had, and they knew it to because they decided by the end of my probation to let me go. And I was not surprised.

I started applying for jobs before the end of my classes at school and I was getting pretty desperate. I was working part time in an office and planning my wedding and was feeling very disheartened. You see, after I graduated college – one of the top students in my class – I applied for 60 journalism jobs before I got hired. I kept track of all of them. I had no desire to be stuck in the loop of cover letters, interview and no bites.

Finally I got an interview, and they liked me, and I got a call that they wanted me. It was great. I was hired on, with three months probation.

It didn’t take long before I felt like I was in over my head. I made mistakes. I couldn’t seem to do anything the Executive Director liked. He seemed to want me to understand what he was thinking, but I couldn’t because he could never express it to me.

I am programmed to want to do a good job, to want to please the people I’m working for. I work very hard.

But by the time we sat down for that review meeting I was a big ball of stress. It felt like I was constantly messing up but I couldn’t figure out just what I was doing so badly.

Like the article says, I was lost, I was disconnected.

Contrast that with the job I found a few months later: I was happy. I was energized. I had a boss that was critical, but constructively.

Being in the wrong job can destroy you. It’s such a big part of your life that it can send you into a spiral. Finding the right fit, with good, helpful people and your passion can change your life.

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