In my previous student life I was very good at procrastinating when I had schoolwork to do. High school, college and university I would clean, re-arrange furniture and cook to avoid sitting at my desk.

Now I have a whole house and a 4-year-old. If I procrastinated by cleaning I could avoid essays for decades.

Instead I’ve found other things to distract me, because cleaning would be too productive.

1) Computer Games

At my desk I play a lot of Mac Boxikon – it’s kind of like Tetris but not. It’s been my go to when I have a mouse for a lot of years. I used to play it in the Charlatan officer when I was avoiding essays the last time I was in university. Now on my iPad I procrastinate with Frozen Free Fall, which I have developed a kind of addiction too. Damn funny snowman. (My daughter has seen this game on my iPad and wants to play it because it’s Frozen, but I won’t let her because she might mess up my scores. I’m not proud to admit that).

2) Organizing

Why work on my essay when I can update my calendar with all the due dates I have coming up? I need that checklist of when everything is due, all the kid’s activities in my agenda. I now have a lovely file box to keep all my readings and research for my essays in. With labels.


I also reorganized my pinboards. I had been pinning everything I thought could be useful for school on to one board, but now I have separate boards for the essays I’m writing.Much better.

Organizing my research also lead to…

3) More research.

Google is my friend.

5) Twitter.

If people would stop being interesting and stuff would stop happening then this wouldn’t be a problem.

4) Working on my application for grad school.

Yes, I do need to write these essays before I can get in to grad school so I can write essays in the future, but that’s not the point.

5) Napping.

Do you know how good naps are? Naps are so good.

6) Blogging

Hey y’all. Don’t you need to hear what I’m thinking?


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