I written about the troubles my daughter has with falling asleep. She’s afraid to miss out on everything that happens when she’s supposed to be asleep and we’re still awake. She has been this way most of her life. There were times when she was not quite two years old that she would stay up all night and into the next afternoon.

She gets this from me.

I am a lifelong night owl. I don’t go to sleep well. I used to stay up late reading by my night light – resulting in scorch marks on several blankets. My brain works faster at night, everything seems to run more smoothly. This means that when I have assignments to work on, I get them done at night.

This was a much easier task when I was an undergrad the first time around. Joe could go to bed and I would be up late writing away, trying to make one thought connect to another.

Nowadays I have a kid who likes to be awake at 6:30 am and I have to be up, dress and at the bus stop with her by a little after 8 am.

Coffee is my friend
Coffee is my friend

I don’t necessarily like being a night owl. In high school I used to work my way entirely around the clock over the summer. I missed the sunshine, and getting ready to go back to school usually involved me staying up one full day and night so I could get back into a normal schedule. And then there was that time I took a job that started at 7 am, and even sometimes, during election campaigns, required me to take the first possible bus downtown.

When the kid is happily off on the bus then I get to nap, and feel bad about the amount of daylight I’m wasting.

I try to sit down and work in the mornings. I try to get things done during the day. But here I am, 12:34 am, trying to figure out why Canada needs to be concerned with Third World development in 1983.

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