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War Cry of the Mature Student

October 8th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #MommyScholar

I have been suffering from group work in my time back at university. I have always hated group work, I much prefer to work alone because I care about what I’m doing and when you’re in a group there is almost always someone who does not.

But there is the secret of being a mature student, paying my own way, working very hard and missing out on other things in my life. It is a pretty simple secret – I don’t care what these other students think of me.

I have friends, I have a family, a husband who loves me and loves to hear my opinions. Most of the time. Like every reality show contestant, I am not here to make friends.

I talk in class. I ask questions that I need answered, I answer questions if I have an answer, I jump into discussions. You know why? Because I’m here for my own learning process and I don’t care what you think of me.

I used to care, but now I’m old and I have learned that worrying about you can affect what I can actually accomplish. I learned that it makes much more sense for me to not care, because then you’re not standing in my way. As Rupaul says: what other people think of me is none of my business.

I don’t care if you think I’m bitchy, I don’t care if you think I’m asking something stupid, I don’t care if you think I talk too much. I am here instead of with my kid, who keeps growing up despite my reservations, so I am here to get the most out of this. I am not here just because after you finish high school you go to university, this has been a long and sometimes painful process.

I care what she thinks of me

I care what she thinks of me

I have a plan, this is part of the plan. Now I need a t-shirt – I don’t care what you think of me.

Possibly a second one: There are no stupid questions.

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