I was away at Blissdom this weekend, I handed in three assignments last week, I’m trying to keep up with my readings and my assignments while also working and having some sort of contact with my family.

There are the days when I feel it would be easier if I just quit. Think of how much free time I would have, how much easier it would be, how many naps I could take if I wasn’t in school right now. I brought this on myself.

I’m the reason my daughter misses me so much, I’m the reason all the laundry is getting done in a rush on the weekend, I’m the reason meals are ready and on the table when it’s dinner time.

Last year I went to Blissdom and I came back feeling right. I was inspired, in a good place, working towards a goal.

This year I went to Blissdom with the mindset that I shouldn’t be there because I had too many other things to take care of. That may have changed the way I experienced the conference. Another reason to be angry at myself.

There is no such thing as balance, there are only those times when I feel less guilt.

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