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October 6th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

About 10 years ago this time I went into The Charlatan for a job interview. I met with the editor-in-chief, the chair of the board and the faculty advisor to the board. The next day the E-in-C called and offered me the job, and I stuttered a bit before taking it. I started work the week of Remembrance Day.

By January I considered the E-in-C a friend. At the end of March we started dating. At the end of August we moved in together. In December we got a puppy.

Today we have been married for seven years.


Ten years after that first year of university I started my fourth year, getting my honours year in after graduating with a general degree, with a goal of finishing next year with a Masters degree.

This man I met as a first year undergrad, who gave me an opportunity – because I was the most qualified candidate, and apparently there was no question or debate – is now supporting me through two more years.

And there’s that one little addition to our family who also needs to be supported.


Ten years, we’re doing alright.

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