The kid has taken a shining to watching YouTube videos about blind bags and doll reviews, and basically anything else Gracie and Mommy offer. She used to have a lot more variety in her video watching, but Gracie and Mommy have taken control now, with their doll reviews, shopping trips. I don’t know what it is she loves about them so much, but I like them too and don’t mind her watching them – especially when she starts laughing hysterically.

IMG_1249I know that she’s getting addicted to this because I bought her Goldie Blox and the Spinning Machine the other day and she asked if she could un-box it when we got home.

Now she’s asking me to make videos like Gracie and Mommy make.

Now this child has always been a performer. She loves being the centre of attention. Whenever we have guests in the house she wants to put on shows. She’s asked me to invite her friends over specifically so she can put on a performance for them. When she was 2 we visited my mom and my Gramps at their retirement residence. There was a lady who would play the piano after lunch and my kid took great pleasure in dancing for the crowd.

Me, on the other hand… I don’t like being in front of everyone. I don’t speak loudly. There are specific situations in which I am comfortable, and generally being on camera is not one of those.

But this kid, she’s my heart, and she has been making fake videos since she saw her first one.  I feel almost like it’s inevitable that she’ll do something like a YouTube channel eventually, but the question is when and how do we let her?

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