We are a board game family. Before the kid was born Joe and I were on a trivia team, we hosted and attended game nights. No one can beat team Boughner at Trivial Pursuit. Because of this I was very excited when I realized that the kid was finally aging into board games. She likes Candyland, loves Guess Who? and Yahtzee. For a little while Uno was a nightly activity. While Grandma and Grandpa were here there were a couple of rousing games of Monopoly Junior.

Since she seems to like games, and it’s something we can enjoy doing together, I started looking for games that would help her in her quest to read. I picked one out of the Scholastic flyer that we’ve played a few times, but the real winner is one I happened upon at a local store.

I will mention here that this is NOT a sponsored post, I just have become a big fan of ThinkFun’s Zingo Word Builder game.

You get a card with pieces of three letter words, and then you get tiles and you have to use your tiles to try to fill in the spaces on your card. One side of the card has three letter words missing just one letter, the other side has words with just one letter to make it a bit harder. You have to get two letters at once.

Sounding it out
Sounding it out

While the kid has not so far had a lot of patience to sit with me and really sound out words, she does has the patience to do that with me in the context of the game. It’s awesome.

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