I know you have been having bad days lately. These past two weeks have been very hard for me too. I miss you. It’s been a very quick change between lots of time together and a lot less.

You’re my baby girl and sometimes I get a feeling in my heart, knowing that things are changing so quickly, you’re changing. You used to never leave my side and now it seems you’re almost never there any more.

My favourite thing when you were a baby was sitting down with you at the dining room table, me on my laptop and you in your high chair, and I could watch you and talk to you and drink my coffee. It was our morning routine.

This morning you got very upset with me because you didn’t have enough time to do anything. You wanted to play, but we had to catch the bus. I want you to understand that I know it’s not fair, it’s not easy and I don’t like it either, but you and I are doing what we have to do.

My baby girl, my poor little girl. You’re such a sensitive kid and you get hurt when other kids might not mean to hurt you. As you grow up hopefully you will better understand what other people mean and how they are feeling. You’re so smart and sensitive, I know you will always struggle with controlling your emotions, just like me. It can be an asset, but it can make things hard.

I like to believe that when you come home and tell me you had a bad day it’s because of one bad thing that sticks in your mind. That’s how my brain works. I know that when I talk to you about your days you do have good things to say. You’re learning, you’re singing songs and playing and speaking French.

I’m learning too, and it’s exciting and I like to think that even though it’s taking me away from you right now, sometimes, we will both benefit in the end.

I still love you more than I can even believe, and I hope you still know that.

We go together
We go together

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