If there is one question I have most definitely answered in my return to a university campus it is that yes, I picked the right degree.

You see, when I left high school I had a plan. I spent my Grade 13 year working two coops that were supposed to help my on my route to becoming an athletic therapist. I wanted to work for professional sports teams. I was going to get my degree, and then go to college for three years, and then take professional testing, and have a career. I applied to three universities for kinesiology and got into one. That should have been a clue. But I made my plans and off I went… And back I came.

Before classes had even started.

You know when it strikes you, all of a sudden, that you’re making a mistake?

And the fact was everyone around me knew I was making a mistake. I called my dad to tell him I was not, in fact, a student at York University, and all he said was “well that was fast.”

So I found a job and I took a year off – something I’m going to encourage my daughter to do – and I changed my mind. I applied to three colleges, I chose my program and off I went to print journalism. And it was awesome. I loved all my classes, my professors, the friends I made. We worked hard, I excelled. After I graduated I applied for job after job after job and I finally landed one. The first job was not right for me. I found another job in journalism.

Four months in I quit and applied to university.

This time I looked through the course calendar and I picked out the degree program that had the most courses that seemed interesting to me. Hello Political Science.

The marriage I have made of journalism and political science is where I was supposed to end up. There is no doubt in my mind. And now I even get the chance to specialize. All of my professors are encouraging us to focus ourselves and I’m jumping at the chance.

I’m ready now.

In two years I will have my B.A. (Hons) and my Masters in Political Management and I will have spent those years focussed on political advocacy, and particularly on women’s issues and Aboriginal issues. And nothing can stop me now.

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