The other day my daughter and I were sitting on our front step talking. It was a school day for most kids, but she’s going through this weird kindergarten staggered thing, so we just watched the buses go by. A lot of the school buses for our neighbourhood stop just in front of the park that’s a few doors down. As we sat there I watched a man in a red truck drive in the direction of the park. He was clearly texting. I called him out on our neighbourhood Facebook group, hoping he would see the note.

Yesterday I was driving behind a man holding his phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Last week at Ikea I saw a man driving while texting with a woman in his backseat holding a baby on her lap – I still wish I had gotten a license plate.

Tonight I was at Costco. As I was loading up my car I noticed a woman pulling out of her spot with her phone to her ear. I made the gesture of a phone, shaking my head and as she drove by she gave me the finger.

The thing is, this is my neighbourhood. My daughter now rides a school bus around here, the children of my neighbourhood are riding their bikes, walking with their friends and playing.

Why should I stand by while you do something stupid, dangerous, illegal and unnecessary?

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