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Am I a Mompreneur?

August 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Women's Issues | Work

I am a woman who is building her own business, and I am a mother. It is almost impossible to be a parent and not be defined by that in some way. I have a daughter who takes of a lot of my time and a lot of my thoughts. Being a parent is life-altering.

Does being a mother affect the way I approach my business? Yes, it probably does, because it affects who I am on a base level.

Am I a “mompreneur?” No, no I’m not.

Because being a mother doesn’t have anything to do with the services I provide. Being a mother hasn’t pushed my in any professional direction, and my background and focus all comes from training, not parenting.

The definition given for mompreneur is a woman juggling being an entrepreneur and being a mother. But before I started my own business I wasn’t a mom-ployee was I?

There does not exist a parent with children at home that isn’t juggling something. There does not exist an entrepreneur who isn’t trying to balance.

We all have other things that can steal our focus, and it feels like the title ‘mompreneur’ puts emphasis¬†on that second thing, which does us no favours. I am a professional, no different than any other professional in my work.

Do you use the term mompreneur? Why?

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