One of my favourite things about our house is the backyard. Our last house had a backyard that was all patio stone and fences only on the sides. There was no room for the kid to run around and the dog had to be on his leash all the time.

When we moved into this house – our house – the backyard was a huge selling point. It’s fully fenced and the perfect size for a little kid and a little dog to play in. I can let the kid and the dog out and watch them from the kitchen running around together. She swings on her swing, blows bubbles, and we can hang out in the sunshine.

I am so pleased with the amount of time we spend in the yard, and I love finding new things to play with. When I got the chance to review some new products from PlaSmart I jumped at the chance. PlaSmart knows what kids like. These are the people that make PlasmaCars – they know what’s fun.

When I saw the OgoSport RAQ on the website I jumped at the chance to test them out. The website says 6+ but they are simple and safe for my 4.5 year old who couldn’t stop playing as soon as they were out of the box.


They call them hand trampolines, and that’s really what they are. There is no other way to describe them. They come with one flux ball, a little squishy yellow thing with strings coming out of it that you can move around or take off for more control. Very bouncy and apparently hilarious.


Joe is a big fan of all racket sports, and has spoken at length about his racket sport skill, so I let the two of them have at it.

Learning how to 'serve'
Learning how to ‘serve’

It’s a simple, fun game that the kid will take time to master. She can bounce the flux ball up and down trying to maintain control by herself or pass it back and forth with one of us. They even suggest trying it with water balloons, so we’ll be trying that soon.

Disclosure: PlaSmart sent me this product to review, all opinions are my own. 

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