The other day I found out about an event happening in my home town. At first I thought it was going to happen when I’m away in Halifax but the date falls just a few days after we get back. I was almost crying. I bought a ticket and started thinking about what I could possibly wear. I went downstairs to tell Joe I would be going out that night and could barely contain myself. Actually, I don’t think I did contain myself.

Bianca Del Rio is coming to my city.

I’ve been watching Rupaul’s Drag Race since it premiered in Canada. It’s one of my favourite shows and I’ve watched and re-watched every season. I have my favourites and not so favourites of the contestants, but I relish everything these men have taught me about what a woman can be. There are pageant queens, comedy queens, there are plus sized queens and androgyny queens, and queens that do their own damn thing. They highlight everything that’s wonderful about every type of woman. They worship women and demonstrate the pride we should all feel just being who we are.

Bianca Del Rio is the most recently crowned champion of the show and is just beyond amazing. She’s hilarious, insulting and still kind, and gorgeous.

So on August 23 you can find me at Capital Pride, as close as I can get to the stage, hoping for a selfie with Bianca Del Rio and Pandora Boxx, my other favourite coming to take part in the Battle of the Seasons. I might be crying.

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