Our new gym finally opened last week and I’ve been in just about every day this week trying out classes and getting exercise. I’m not an aerobics class person. I do not do well in choreographed situations. When someone is trying to get me to kick out my right leg and touch it with my left elbow I’m going to screw that up.

In Grade 9 gym we did step aerobics. It was a nightmare.

I did try an aerobics class that involved a ballet barre. It was really tough, I was out of sync and sweat poured off me. I’ve done a couple of yoga classes – a practice I’ve needed to get back into for some time. I’ve done the weight machines, something that I enjoy and I know is very important for overall fitness. But my favourite thing at the gym remains the spin bike.

There is a spinning bike with a video screen and a very athletic and only slightly annoying blond man walks you through a spin session.

I love spinning. It’s hard in the moment, but in terms of soreness or other after-effects there isn’t anything to complain about, and I’m burning upwards of 400 calories in 35 minutes. And you control the toughness level all by yourself, even in a class.

I’m telling you, if I had an extra $4000 lying around I would buy one of these things for my house. I just wish my butt didn’t feel bruised when I’m done my session.

Still, spinning make me feel less like an unfit oaf trying to figure things out, and that’s worth a little soreness.

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