Last week Weird Al Yankovic’s new song gave grammar nerds like me the go ahead to talk about our pet peeves.

One thing that Joe and I bonded about when we were working together, and now as married professionals, is our debates about punctuation. He thinks I use too many commas, I don’t think he uses them enough. We disagree on the necessity of the Oxford comma – Joe wants people to use semi-colons.

These are these that you either know or you don’t know. And if you don’t know, you should at least know what you don’t know. Some people can’t write well, but still have to write as part of their everyday work. So where do you go for help? Here are some sites that can provide support and quick tips:

1) Grammar Girl: I learned about Grammar Girl years ago when I got an iPod and found her Podcast. She posts quick and dirty tips about writing well. You can see her most popular tips and find her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

2) Grammarly: An automated proofreader that can find your worst mistakes quickly. They also have a very entertaining Twitter feed.

3) Pinterest: I have a Pin Board called Writer on which I post links, inspiration and resources, it’s my most followed board. There are others like it where people like me post their resources for writing well.

 And let’s not forget The Oatmeal.

And remember, when looking for a proofreader – a person you should most definitely have in your toolbox if you’re writing anything professionally – you need to find someone who understands your style, your voice and your audience.

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