When I started watching videos on YouTube with the kid I never expected what it would lead to. We started off just finding clips of the shows she loves but over the past couple of years as she spent more time with the iPad she’s found more and more things that really interest her. First it was toy commercials, then toy demonstrations, and now surprise eggs.

Did you know there are people with YouTube channels dedicated to opening surprise eggs or blind packs of toys?

I’ve also learned in this same period that other kids love watching these videos too. My kid has even started pretending to do her own videos, narrating as she plays. And looking at some of these channels it won’t be long before she creates her own.

Here are five channels she loves, and I think they’re pretty great too:

1) HobbyKidsTV

These are toy demonstrations, unboxing, a lot of Play Doh, which my kid loves. Her favourite is the surprise eggs.

2) Charli’s Crafty Kitchen

I have memorized the theme song for these videos and the girls are quite charming. The kid has watched their Frozen popsicle episode many, many, many times.

3) Disney Cars Toy Club

The people who host Disney Cars Toy Club are very playful – they do character voices and interact with the toys they demonstrate, and the kid keeps going back. The stories they play out with some of the toys are a favourite of the kid’s and something I’m seeing reflecting in her own play.

4) Disney Collector

This lady does a lot of Play Doh videos, which are my kid’s favourite. She often watched these videos while she’s playing and mimics some of what she sees.

5) Lucky Penny Shop

I’m a big fan of the guy from Lucky Penny Shop. He’s got a relaxing tone to his voice, he does retro toys sometimes, and the kid just keeps going back to watch him.

Other great channels for kids, outside of the toy demonstration niche, are HooplaKids, MotherGooseClub and Kids CBC videos (link to Joel Plaskett’s awesome one). We also like watching Sesame Street videos, but you can watch those on their website where there is less risk of the kids coming across something less than appropriate.

If you have a favourite YouTube channel I’ve missed I would love to hear about it.

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