I’m usually pretty good at living with discomfort. And I don’t just mean the process of getting permanent crowns for my teeth, because holy crap is this uncomfortable. I put myself outside my comfort zone a lot, and I’ve survived so far. Going back to school is testing me a lot. I have no idea what to expect when December hits, but I’m asking for help and I’m pushing my limits. It’s two years. I can do that.

Since Blissdom last year I’ve been asking for things, because, as Erica Ehm taught me, sometimes people say yes, and when they say no, well, that’s okay too.

But fear can always hold you back and at this year’s Social Capital Conference it was pointed out to me that some work I am currently struggling with is probably a struggle because I’m afraid. I’m writing what might become the book that I have always wanted to write and I’m afraid to fail and I’m afraid to succeed.

Now that I’ve figured that out, I have to figure out how to get past that fear. Because fail or succeed I want to finish. When I finish I’ll have to figure out what to do next, but I want to have that to figure out.

Do I take on too much? Yes, yes I do. But I like it that way.

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