Two years ago I left full time work and started working on contract. That has slowly morphed into have my own business, and that business is changing into something more suitable for me as I roll along. Talking to Shelagh Cummins, my parents and my husband has let to more thinking, more changes, more doing.

Talking to my father about something totally different one day, I mentioned a new program at my Alma Mater, a Masters of Political Management. And he told me I should do that, in a way that told me he thought it was pretty obvious.

Since I graduated from university with my BA I have had questions and regrets. I didn’t do a four-year honours degree, I never took research methods and I think it would have been very beneficial.

I started thinking about going back for my Masters, but going back for my Masters means going back for a year first to finish my honours. And suddenly that’s two years, and a lot of money by the way.

But if I’m honest with myself, I have spent the past seven years thinking about maybe someday going back for a Masters, and regretting not doing my four-year. And as I said before my kid has taught me a bit about regrets.

So I have a lot to think about this summer, and perhaps some hard work ahead of me.

I’m terrified to jump in and do it, but I’m terrified I won’t too.

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