The kid has finished her preschool career and we’re both feeling a bit sad to say goodbye, and then this week we went to visit her daycare provider – the woman who cared for her every day for a year and a half while I went back to work full time. She had asked to go and visit and we were welcomed with a big smile.

We have done a great job of finding places for this kid where she is welcomed and cared for in the ways she needs to be.

We knew her daycare provided was the right one as soon as we met her. The kid crawled over to her and proceeded to sit with her happily while we had our first meeting. There was no question they were comfortable together. We visited her preschool at an open house last year and decided it felt right and as the year went on it was clear we were right. She couldn’t have been in a better place with better people this year.


And I guess that’s why I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, a bit cautious and a bit sad. In September she starts kindergarten and things are mostly out of our hands. She gets assigned a teacher and classmates and it’s our job to make sure that things roll along smoothly.

It’s also the beginning of the next 14 years of her life. The routine we get into while she’s in school will be our routine more often than not until she’s an adult.

For now we have our summer. Tomorrow we leave for Sesame Place – and the kid doesn’t know where exactly we are going. We get a visit from Grandma and Grandpa next month and a trip to Halifax in August where we can play in the ocean together. And, of course, a whole list of things to do together.

So I’m going to try to live in the moment and expect the best.

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