The brain is an amazing thing. The whole body, really. I have been amazed at what my body can do now that I’ve started pushing myself and testing myself a bit more.

I have been running on the treadmill lately. At first I was going with a one minute run every ten, then I asked myself if maybe I could try to run one minute every five instead. And I could. I didn’t need all that recovery time that I thought. One day during my one minute run I decided to just keep going, and I made it to two minutes.

But some days I get on the treadmill and my legs feel leaden. My breath doesn’t flow, and it feels like my lungs are working properly. I adjust and keep going.

Some days I go outside for a walk/run instead of getting on the treadmill. The first time I did this I was terrified of what passers-by would think of me, struggling along in this body. But I did it anyway. I have found that running on the treadmill does not translate. And also that shin splints are very painful and make your legs feel very heavy.

But still, I have pushed through.

I went to the gym. Not sure if I really wanted to be there. I did some weights, and when none of the other weight machines was free I decided to get on the computer bike that I’ve done in the past. Follow a circuit, up and down hills. I chose one of the basic routes and started going and realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to be doing that.

I told myself 10 minutes, just 10 minutes. Then I hit 10 minutes and I was very close to the 4 km mark, so I told myself I might as well keep going. Then from the 4 km to the 5 km was a lot of down hill, and that would get me half way. I would get going and quit at half way.

And then I didn’t. I finished. And the combination of the non quitting and the finishing made me feel pretty awesome on my wobbly legs. Six miles.

I’m starting to realize that this is it, this time. I’m making improvements, making real changes. Riding through the strong desire to quit. Patching up my blisters.

Because I can.

Jump in with both feet
Jump in with both feet

How have you amazed yourself lately?

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