I went outside for a walk. I needed some exercise, some time away from the computer. I put on my playlist full blast and started out, not entirely sure where I was going, but thinking I was heading for a long walk, that might be hard. It would take some time too – I hoped an hour or thereabouts.

I was hoping I could handle it, but I wanted to push myself.

There is a place near our house where the sidewalk ends. It just stops and a field starts and I kept on walking and that’s when I noticed I wasn’t alone.

IMG_9971A little yellow butterfly, fluttering by my side, into my view. Around and around.

I saw it again at mid walk, and then near the end just before I turned back onto my street.

My supportive little friend and my music pushed me through. I walked over 5 km and felt just fine. Now I know I can keep walking that circuit and getting faster, maybe even going further. A day later I went out and tried to run a bit. Ten minutes walking, followed by a run. I chose a place in the distance and tried to push past it. A street sign, a pylon, a driveway. And I did it.

I got on the treadmill and decided to see if could change it, make it a bit faster. I walked five minutes then ran, kept going. I did 40 minutes without struggling to get through. I did it and I felt fantastic about myself.

A friend told me that once you’re running at all you’re a running. She’s finished marathons and she told me to call myself a runner. So here I am, a runner. Working towards my first 5k.


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