I’m still on the train heading to Toronto, but I was thinking about you and missing you kiddo. You’re going to have such a fun today tomorrow, but I was thinking about the day we spent together and getting the chance to watch gymnastics with you for a bit.
I love watching you in your activities. We seem to have found a few that you’ve fallen in love with. You’ve loved swimming you’re whole life, always excited to get in the water – bath, pool or sprinkler. You’re getting so good at it too. Just this weekend you told me that you didn’t want to go to your lesson because you didn’t want to put your face in the water. And then you did it anyway. In fact you swam halfway across the pool under water.
We started gymnastics together before you could walk. It was something for us to do together, to pass a little time in the day. Now I get to sit back and watch you – balancing, flipping, climbing and bouncing. It’s a wonderful thing for you to get exercise and built your muscles, but I think it’s turning into something you love too.
Watching those girls compete with you in my lap – watching the parents and coaching around them, watching the determination, strength and skill, and the smile it all brought to your face – I could imagine you in a competition like that someday. Swimming or diving, gymnastics or dance.
I can see it now. You’ll excel at whatever you choose. You’ll have to learn that these things take hard work, that not everything will come easily. You’re strong and you can do these things if you figure that out and stop getting so frustrated when things don’t go exactly as you want them to.
I know why you get frustrated, because I was the same way. But I gave up on a lot of things and regret it. I don’t have what you have the opportunity to have. You have the strength, you have the potential, so go for it.

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