Growing up whenever I got an ache or a pain – when I was stung by a wasp or my nose was stuffed up – my grandmother offered the same solution: Watkins.



She had to get it from her sister in Saskatchewan, but we always had some in the house, and it was the cure all. The above is the tin I still have, which I believe I stole from my mother’s medicine cabinet when I moved out.

Imagine my surprise when I moved to Alberta for a job, went to a small town farmers’ market and met my local J.R. Watkins representative. I had no idea the company, founded in 1868, still existed, and I certainly had no idea of the range of products they now offer. You can still get their cure-all medicated ointment, in slightly snazzier packaging, and you can also find all sorts of toiletries, products for the home and ingredients for your kitchen pantry. These products are all natural (you can see the list of ingredients the company has vowed not to use in their products here), and the brand guarantees consistency.

Recently Watkins released a new scent for its bath and body line: Pomegranate Acaï. The new scent was meant to be fresh, but not overpowering. I got the chance to try the Pomegranate Acaï hand cream, body scrub, bath oil and body lotion.


I was excited to try the bath oil – I love a good bath, and my skin is exceedingly dry. Unfortunately the first time I slipped into a bath to try it my daughter decided that she desperately needed me for something after about five minutes…

The next day when I had time to shower I tried out the body scrub and body lotion and I smelled so good the kid asked to try some for herself, so I let her use the hand cream.My skin felt smooth all day.

I’m very happy to say that this brand that has been a part of my family for generations is still doing great things, and I got the chance to pass these products on to my mother and to my daughter.

Disclosure: I was provided with the Watkins products to write this review – my family loyalty to the brand is all true. 

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