One of the benefits of preschool for me (along with the many benefits for my daughter) has been getting to know the other parents, day to day. Seeing the other families and their kids, watching other moms, seeing other parents need help from babysitters, grandparents, switching off duties between mom and dad.

I am amazed at some of the mothers I’ve gotten to spend time with. The different ways they interact with their children, watching them handle older and younger siblings. There are other only children in her class and I’ve loved watching them. Hearing from other parents about my child, about her interactions with them and their kids.

I still feel so young and often have no idea what I’m doing, I just happen to have ended up with an awesome kid. These other mothers, they have strategies. I can hear it in their voices – they’ve read parenting books and remember what it said.

Keep rolling
Keep rolling

When it’s nice out after school the kid always wants to stay and play and usually I let her. She gets fresh air and I get the chance to stand around with other parents, mostly moms, and talk. We talk about having three and four year olds. We talk about sleep and energy. We talk about what the kids are eating and doing, what they say to us, how they’re acting.

It’s a great view into the minds of other kids. An everyday reminder that I’m not alone. I’m going to miss preschool. I wonder if I’ll have the same relationships at the bus stop.

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