You would think that picking my daughter up at school would be enough to remind me that I’m supposed to be an adult. But I really have never felt grown up. I wonder if I look grown up, because when I look in the mirror I see the same face I saw at 16.

This week I picked the kid up and was letting her play with her friends in the outdoors for a while. We do it often, I like for her to play and socialize when she can. This particular day was a bit different, once two older girls ran over to tell us that there was a fire.

I followed them back, noted the smoke and flame in a pile of leaves and told them to go and see if anyone was in the school office. The woman in the office called for two of the maintenance men who promptly went out with a fire extinguisher. The next day I saw two other workers cleaning up the leaves.

It was a small fire, but it could have been bad, the flames were close enough to a wood enclosure that it could have been really bad. I was very proud of those two girls for stopping when they smelled smoke, running to get someone and making sure it was taken care of.

I also realized that they ran to me, and informed me, because I’m a grown up. I was a nearby grown up.

After the drama and danger, that really threw me.

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