I work with a lot of different people who communicate in many different ways, and I talk with them mostly through email, though some prefer face to face meetings or phone calls, which I try to figure and adjust to. Still, email is undeniably the main place for communication and communicating professionally is something people working through email need to focus on.

A few tips for professional emailing:

1) Create an email address for professional correspondence. Don’t have babygirl35 as the user name on your resume.

2) Check and double check your spelling. Re-read what you write. Save something as a draft and double check it again after a short time if you’re not sure.

3) Always BCC multiple contacts. Always, unless there is a specific reason not to.

4) Avoid reply all if you don’t have to communicate with everyone about something. People are overrun with emails and they don’t need extra.

5) In professional communications, especially with people you don’t know well, avoid emoticons and excessive use of exclamation points. These are these you might do out of habit, but it can look unprofessional to a client or a superior.

If email is the way you’re introducing yourself, reaching out to new people and potential clients, you need your text to reflect your personality but also demonstrate that you are a professional.

Email is a big part of selling your business, make sure your message is received as intended.


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