In the world of parenting I am often looking for answers. Luckily in the world of parenting, particularly in this age of technology the answer to ‘someone has been through this crap before me’ is usually ‘oh! Me! That sounds just like my kid.’

Right now we are dealing with sleep patterns.

This kid has a lot of energy. Sometimes she just can’t stop herself moving around. She’s always ready for the next thing, no matter how obvious it is that she needs sleep.

She stopped napping around age one, which the family doctor basically told me was impossible. “She should be falling asleep in her lunch.”

Well, I didn’t know what to say to that because she wasn’t. And it wasn’t just me, she didn’t nap at day care either. In fact once she did fall asleep and our daycare provider told us she kept going in to check on the kid because it was so weird.

She’s long had trouble falling asleep at night. I was somewhat taken aback because when she was a baby and even as a young toddler there weren’t real issues.

But as she got older she started showing signs of being a lot like me.

I don’t settle well at night. I have trouble shutting things down, closing my book, turning my brain off. Even when I was worming 7 to 3 it took months for me to realize I had to go to bed earlier. Even knowing how lack of sleep effects me I still talk myself into it.

So here I have a four year old who can’t settle. Can’t stop thinking of questions she wants answered. Can’t stop thinking about things that she’s done or is going to do.

It used to be that we could put her to bed at 6 and she’d be out before 7. Now if we do bedtime at 6 or 7 she’s awake past 9, sometimes past 10, and even past 11:30.


It’s crazy, right?

So I’m looking for the parent who’s been there before and has a perfect and easy solution. Or maybe even a moderately difficult one.

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