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April 18th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Canadiana | Personal

So the NHL season is over here in Ottawa. The Senators didn’t make the playoff (oof) and now we have nothing to cheer for. Now we’re talking about next year (and also trying to win our playoffs pools), and what changes we might see in the team. There’s a lot of talk that Jason Spezza will get moved out of Ottawa, traded away for the benefit of team and player.

When there is talk of Spezza leaving the Senators I get actually, physically emotional. I can’t seem to help it. I lived in Belleville when Spezza got traded there. He was the first sports story I ever got to cover as a reporter.

12 years ago, Yardman Arena

12 years ago, Yardman Arena

When I got my Sens jersey a few years ago there was no question that Spezza’s would be the name on the back. I had seen him up close in junior and I knew what he was capable of. I know a lot of fans have had complaints about him, but I always cheered.

Still, when he was made captain at the beginning of this season I knew it was a mistake. Joe and I argue about this – I think it should have been Phillips, he thinks it should have been left empty for the season. Still, we agree that Spezza was a wrong choice. It was too much to ask of him, to step into Alfie’s shoes, it was too much for the team.

Now it is generally agreed that Spezza will be playing somewhere else next year, and I understand all the reasons for him and for the team, but I get teary every single time it has come up in conversation.

I miss the days of the franchise player. We had one in Alfredsson and then he was gone, now Spezza.


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