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April 17th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

I am very interested in science. I loved learning chemistry and biology and especially physics when I was in school. Sadly, I did not have a great memory for scientific things and thus did not test well in the subject. Still, I am interested and I want my kid to love science and the way it makes you look at the world.

She doesn’t have godparents, but she does have a science-parent. Our friend Dan has a degree in biochemistry and has agreed to help keep up her interests. It shouldn’t be a problem as this child has no end of questions as to how things work and how things are made. Curiosity is the key word.

When we were invited to head to the Museum of Science and Technology for a play date I thought it was a great idea, and when I told the kid that we were going to the science museum she literally started jumping up and down and asking me about experiments.

Experiments are cool.





It is possible that during the demonstration with the liquid nitrogen I got more excited than she did.


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