I read celebrity gossip and I’m not sorry, mostly because Lainey Lui has taught me that gossip is a normal part of society. When I got the chance to be in a room with her and a group of smart and informed ladies she even told us that Stanford has done a study on the societal benefits of gossip.

If you haven’t seen her TED talk, just watch it and stop feeling bad about being interested in which Hollywood couples are breaking up or having babies.

For those who argue that gossip is gross or has no value I think she puts forward a very interesting argument. At the Faculty of Celebrity Studies event that I had the chance to attend on Monday I was fascinated at the debate that grew out of celebrity-centred topics. A room full of women had two hours of solid back and forth about a lot of things that most people would consider important, even those who don’t think celebrities or tabloid news should matter.

We talked about society’s growing fear of admitting failure, we talked about rape culture and I was left with a lot to think about and talk about with other friends.

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