I was talking with some other business women about personal style last week and I thought I would write a bit about it. The thing is, for years I thought I didn’t have a personal style but then I realized that I do, it’s just not the kind of style you see in magazine.


I favour comfortable footwear and jeans. In the winter skirts and dresses are totally out of the question because I’m always cold – and if I’m not cold I’m afraid of being cold – but in the summer I lean towards them because I hate shorts with a fiery passion.

Seriously. never owned a pair that didn’t ride up. But dresses, they’re just so easy. One thing to put on, nothing to match.

Mostly you’ll find me in jeans and t-shirts. Simple comfort. Cozy sweaters – like I said, I’m always cold.

What I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that my style can be stylish, I can look businesslike and be comfortable, but most importantly I can be me.

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