I am a big fan of this new era of television, wherein I can discover a show and then watch it all in a week. I am a binge watcher of television, except in those cases where I start watching something, realize my husband would enjoy it as well, and start again with him. That was the case with Doctor Who.

Though the commercials for it scared the crap out of me as a child, I finally heard enough about the reboot and started watching it with the ninth doctor. Now I’m addicted. I have a TARDIS in my office. Maybe more than one…

And some mini figures.

There are also those shows that I watched and loved when they were on the air and now get to re-watch on DVD that make up my fandoms. I am a Whedonite, I have a poster of Serenity in my office. And a copy of the picture of me with Nathan Fillion. My Captain.

We’ve been watching The West Wing on DVD and totally loving it, so given my love of Sports Night, I guess I’m a Sorkin-ite or whatever you call those fans.

I’ve mentioned here before that over the past year I have become a dedicated Marshmallow.


(Veronica and Logan FOREVER).

All this leads me to wonder how many fandoms is too many. I mean, Aaron Sorkin’s fans don’t gather at Comicon, but that’s where I find my fellow Whedonites and Whovians. Plus I love kitsch – all those things that bring back my childhood that you now find at cons. For example, this year at Ottawa’s con I plan on geeking out over Christopher Lloyd, who was not only Doc Brown but also Judge Doom, and PAT MASTROIANNI. Yes, I did have to look up how to spell his name because he is and always will be Joey Jeremiah.

The funny thing about going to Ottawa’s Comicon last year was that it felt really awesome to be in packed rooms of people that loved the same things you loved, but also to realize how much there is out there that I know nothing about. While I wonder if I have too many fandoms, there are so very many that I’m not a part of.

I have never been able to get through the first/fourth Star Wars film – though to be clear, I do know the entire story. And yes, I have had people threaten to de-friend me after finding this out.

I’m not a Trekkie, though I watched a lot of Next Generation by virtue of it being on ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. Also, Patrick Stewart is awesome.

I don’t read comics, I’ve seen comic book movies but couldn’t get into any of the back story. I’m not at all interested in Anime, nor do I play video games. And last year at the con there were dozens if not hundreds of people dressed up as characters from an internet series that I had never heard of and did not understand when I looked it up.

So, how many fandoms is too many?


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