When I was pregnant all the people I was dealing with told me that when I went into labour and started having real contractions I would ‘just know’ it was it.

I never had the chance to go into a real labour and have that moment of knowing it was time. Just knowing when it was real, but this week I did get the chance to have a similar moment.

For years I’ve been waiting to hear the telltale seal bark cough that tells you your child has croup. I’ve heard tales of this cough all the time and wondered if I would know the cough when I heard it.

Yes, yes I did.

After a sinus infection and a double case of pink on my part we had one day of a kind of relief from sickness. We went out and had some fun. We played in the spring weather.


And then that night she woke up crying and coughing and rasping and I went into MOM MODE. There was no mistaking it. When we called Telehealth and the nurse on the line told us it sounded like a mild case of croup and we were to take her to the doctor within 24 hours.

I’ve got the windows open, I’m bringing fresh air in and forcing the old air out. I’m so done with these germs.

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