The other day my husband asked me to send him a video of our kid, so I looked for one that matched his request and sent it off. Of course by this time the kid had noticed that I was watching videos of her and wanted to see them herself.

We found this one, the day we took possession of our house:

It’s been almost two years now, she’s four instead of two, but I hadn’t really realized, really. I mean, those two years have been eventful and they sort of fold in on each other. It’s not until I look back on something like this that I realize what a little person she was then and what a little person she is now. She was a toddler, now she’s a kid.

We knew back then she was very good at talking – her vocabulary was excellent, and she put together thoughts very well. I didn’t realize how much that too has changed and how much more understandable she is now. We watched other videos and I knew that at the time I would have totally understood what she was saying and now, watching the videos, I have no earthly idea. It’s one of those mommy things. As Joe said, I spoke fluent Maggie.

It’s so easy to see the difference between the baby and now, but the difference between toddler and preschooler is not as big and it sneaks up so quietly.

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