Reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book made me think a lot about a lot of things. One of the most interesting things was her chapter Are You My Mentor? where she talks about what women are doing wrong when it comes to finding mentors.

“If someone has to ask the question, the answer is probably no.”

She says that when you find the right mentor for you it’s obvious. She says asking someone to be your mentor is a “mood killer.”

My question is: If you don’t ask, how can they say yes?

I have asked women to be a mentor to me in the past and have yet to receive any kind of bad response. I turn to women who inspire me in more ways than one. Women who work hard, are passionate about what they do, and live lives that I aspire to.

Just this week I had a conversation with a woman who is passionate in her work, has built a business, is an strong athlete and who spoke to me openly and honestly about challenges. So I asked her: Will you be my mentor?

Because if I hadn’t asked she wouldn’t have said yes.

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