I have pink eye, which means I’m currently under quarantine in the bedroom, which means I’ve been spending time tidying the bedroom.

I found a notebook that I’m quite fond of but haven’t used in a while. I liked it right away because each of the pages is designed like a wall, so when you write on it you’re doing graffiti and it’s all artistic like.

On one of the first pages I found some things I wrote about helping my baby daughter live a happy life. Some rules I would do well to remember in living my own life:

  • Be comfortable in your own skin
  • Treat yourself with respect and expect as much from other people
  • Be open to optimism
  • Know things happen for a reason
  • Be open to love – giving it and receiving it
  • Be creative
  • Let things go

It all makes sense. Just be yourself, reject the people who don’t accept that. I also wrote that we need to get fresh air, which is one of the things that absolutely keeps me happy, and something else that has always and will always be true about my daughter: She is pure love.

Since she was born I have been happier than ever before in my life. I smile more now than I ever have before. My usual expression is much more neutral, sometimes verging on a scowl.

I don’t know why I was so focussed on helping her to lead a happy life when she’s almost constantly joyful already. She brings joy, she can’t help herself.

DSCN2358 - Version 2

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