Re-watching Veronica Mars before I go and see the movie (!!) I have been struck again by one of the things I dearly love about the series – the relationship between Veronica and Wallace.

They have a loving, totally platonic relationship. Never once in the three years of the series was it ever suggested that there was anything but great friendship between this strong female lead and her Dr. Watson.

It’s so stark that it makes it more obvious that it’s missing from most TV shows.

Usually by the end of a series all the characters end up sleeping with one another. It’s actually one thing that I really dislike about Doctor Who – why do all the companions have to fall in love with him. (Also why Donna may be my favourite).

I’ve long been tired of the seeming requirement that every single movie and TV series has some sort of romantic element. Veronica and Wallace are buddies, they don’t look for anything more, and it’s awesome.

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