Bill C-23: An Act to Amend the Canada Elections Act, also known as the Fair Elections Act – or the Unfair Elections Act if you live outside the Conservative Party.

The act has been criticized heavily on all sides – by current and former politicians, including Preston Manning, the elder statesman of the current CPC, by journalists, and, of course, by the current commissioner of Elections Canada.

Recently I was invited to like a page on Facebook that focussed specifically on one aspect of C-23 – The bill will strip Elections Canada of its education component. This means that Elections Canada won’t be able to go into schools and teach kids how we vote in Canada.

This act will kill the Student Vote program that takes students through parallel elections, and partnerships with numerous groups that help those who are least likely to vote learn how to and why it’s important.

Considering the number of people who believe Stephen Harper when he told them that a coalition was illegal because he had been elected Prime Minister, Canadians need this education.

And really, no one could say it better than Rick Mercer:

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