This week marks a very special week in the Boughner house – this is our first March break that actually means something. The kid, while not in ‘school’ school yet is off preschool for the break and I have enrolled her in a camp, which means she will be away all day. She’s going to have a blast, playing and crafting and swimming. And I’m going to be at home.

It’s going to be so quiet.

This is like a vacation for me.

I have grand plans for this week out of our routine. I have mind, body and soul plans.

I’ve got work to do, of course. It will be busy off and on. I plan to do some learning work too. I also plan to get my exercise in. I’ve been going swimming, walking on the treadmill. I’ve got my gym membership back so I can go and get some weights in while the kid in at camp and pick her up right there.

I’m going to get my weekly to do list done. I’m going to make dinner, I’m going to tidy the house and do laundry.

I’m also going to watch movies, bad TV, read some books, knit and spend some time doing whatever the hell I feel like.

And then make dinner and find out all about whatever my kid that day. Because, seriously, I’m going to miss the hell out of that kid.

And when did she get so big?
And when did she get so big?

This is going to be so weird.

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